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18 Jun '17

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Why you need to get off ‘Manual’ mode

Many people ask me, “how is manual mode any different than auto mode on a DSLR camera?”

These differences are worth knowing if you are to become a better photographer, and not just a lazy one who … Read More

14 Mar '17

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How To Make People Feel Comfortable

I’ve been a portrait photographer for over 10 years. I’d like to share some tips with you about the small things you can do to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is a skill in … Read More

14 Mar '17

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5 Reasons You Need A Business Portrait

Business portraits are my main passion in my business. I specially enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs to help them project themselves as the creator in their business. Here I will share with you my top 5 reasons why you need to put … Read More

08 Oct '16

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HORSE Exhibition is almost here! I will be sitting the gallery Saturday and Sunday’s 11-3pm during the exhibition so come and say hello. Nishi Gallery open Wed-Sun 11-3pm. In the mean time please enjoy this lil clip of the … Read More

30 Sep '16

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Dynamic Food Photography Lessons

Recently I’ve been teaching food photography ‘one to one sessions’. I teach my student to explore different styles of lighting food to help create mood and emotion, and we plan styling and compositions to help achieve a narrative about … Read More

05 Aug '15


Travel Images- Showing your best

So if you’re anything like me, you might find it very difficult to narrow down all your amazing new travel images, and you often take so many it’s hard to know which ones to show. So here are a few things … Read More

27 Jul '15


Travel Photography- Top 5 Tips

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Europe which prompted me to make a list of my top tips to make successful travel images.

1.  The telephoto

Don’t take a long telephoto lens with you, you will not end up … Read More