HORSE series 2016

HORSE is a series of limited edition Giclee archival fine art prints in editions of 10 + 2AP.  Please note framed prints are sold out, however signed edition prints are available. Please contact me to receive a current price list.

Jock 108x76cm – edition 4/10 available


Gerry 92x68cm – Edition 4/10 Available


Danny 92x68cm – edition 2/10 available


Wesley 118x85cm – edition 2/10 available


Pepe 92×69.5cm – Edition 2/10 available

Gemma 92×67.5cm –  Edition 5/10  available

Blue 92x68cm – Edition 4/10 available

Topaz 92x68cm – Edition 2/10 available

Jock #2 92x68cm – Edition 3/10 available

Belleza Portrait 76.5x61cm – Edition 2/10 available

Wesley Portrait  76.5x58cm – Edition 2/10 available

Jazz Portrait – Edition 3/10 Available NEW RELEASE 2017

Goldsmith – Edition 1/10 Available NEW RELEASE


Da vinci Portrait 76.5x58cm – Edition 2/10 available

Grace Costa

Blue Diamond 76.5x58cm – Edition 3/10 available



















Please contact me via email if you would like to order limited edition prints

Please contact me for price list

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