July 28, 2017

TEDx Canberra – Grace Costa


I can finally share my BIG NEWS! This September I will be presenting at TEDx Canberra.

What is TEDx? Well, It’s a world wide speaking event that has taken over the globe. “Ideas worth sharing” is what TED is all about.
I hope many of you have already experienced TED talks either through the live events or on line, but if you haven’t I’ve selected a couple of my favourites to get you started.  Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray Love. or Sir Ken Robinson

For all the locals in Canberra, TEDx event is coming to The Canberra Theatre this September 16th and tickets are on sale NOW.

The exciting thing about TEDx Canberra 2017 is it will be an all day event with 15 speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds, designed to make you laugh, cry, educate you and change the way you think. There will also be performances and engaging activities throughout the day.
Head to the Speakers page to read more about who will be included in the line up.

I’m excited to share my idea with you all, to inspire you and make you think about your own creative endeavor. I’m looking forward to the challenge of achieving something I could never have imagined. Speaking to an audience of 1200 people, but Canberra as we know is a small place, so I’ll know a lot of people in the audience which will make me feel more at ease I hope.

I would love to see a few more familiar faces in the audience smiling back at me. However if you are unable get yourself a ticket TEDx Momentum will be available for viewing on line later on in the year, like all the other TEDx talks from around the world.


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