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Speed Mentoring Night AIPP

Hello everyone

October 24th I’ll be part of this Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) event. It’s Speed Networking! Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Yes it will be because as well as networking with other like minded individuals you have 10 minutes sessions to ask these amazingly talented professionals about their part of the industry, their career path or advise on anything related to the business and art of photography in a private conversation. So come along guys!

When: Tuesday October 24th


Where: CIT Reid. Click the link to register 

Cost: $30 for non AIPP members

Dynamic Food Photography Lessons

Recently I’ve been teaching food photography ‘one to one sessions’. I teach my student to explore different styles of lighting food to help create mood and emotion, and we plan styling and compositions to help achieve a narrative about the food we are photographing. I find it is great fun and brings me back to my TAFE days where I first learned to art of food photography. It takes time, patience and planning but the results can be amazing and all worth the effort. ¬† I have been inspired to shoot a few things in my free time, here are my results.

If you are interested in custom mentoring sessions, please send me an email.

Lessons start at $230 for 1 and half hour session which includes homework task.